Where do I find tarot and oracle cards in Malaysia?

The New Age movement has gained significant popularity, spreading across social media platforms from TikTok to Instagram, attracting the attention of many budding witches. If you find yourself drawn to exploring this realm of spirituality, you can easily find a variety of tarot or oracle cards at your local bookstores. Allow me to share my go-to places for such resources.


Kinokuniya, an esteemed Japanese-based bookstore established in 1990, is located in Suria KLCC. Renowned for its extensive collection of books, both in-store and online, it has gained a reputation for its well-maintained inventory.

When it comes to sourcing imported publications in Malaysia, Kinokuniya stands out as one of the best destinations. Not only are their prices reasonably competitive, but they also offer free delivery for orders exceeding RM80. Since most card decks surpass this value, you need not worry about additional charges. As someone based in Kuala Lumpur, I often choose the convenient option of store pickup, which not only enables me to examine the condition of the decks firsthand but also grants me an RM10 rebate per order.

In the event that certain card decks are listed on the website but are currently out of stock in their warehouse, you can still place an order. However, it’s important to note that the dispatch timing may vary due to availability.



Sub-Status A

Sub-Status B

In stock at the Fulfilment Centre

Either in-store or online

On-shelf (has information)

Pending processing (does not have information)

Available for order from supplier

Out of stock everywhere

Not Available

Availability Status: Available for order from suppliers.

  • Usually dispatches around 10 to 15 working days, or
  • Usually dispatches around 3 to 4 weeks.

Countries: Japan, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America

Tarot/Oracle decks available from Kinokuniya:

Tarot/Oracle decks purchased from Kinokuniya:

Eslite Spectrum

Eslite, a bookstore originating from Taiwan, has opened its doors in Starhill KL since December 17, 2022. While it does not currently have an established online bookstore, its physical store occupies an entire floor in Starhill KL, with approximately 35% of the space dedicated to books and publications.

Eslite predominantly stocks Chinese titles, making it a suitable destination if you are seeking Chinese card decks. However, it’s important to note that the selection may be more limited compared to Kinokuniya. As of now, Eslite relies on the popular online marketplace Shopee for their online presence, with shipments originating from Taiwan.

Countries: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan

Green Daun

Green Daun, a local store located in PJ, first opened its doors in 2016. Operating from their home, they have established a retail shop offering a wide array of new-age and spiritual items. Currently, their primary online platform is Shopee, serving as their web-store option.

As a store owned by a couple, Janice and David, they import various products to stock their shelves. Personally, I frequently visit Green Daun to procure my cleansing items and occasionally explore other unique finds they have in store. Presently, their physical store boasts an extensive collection. However, it’s worth noting that their Shopee site may not be updated as promptly, so visiting the store in person allows you to have a firsthand experience and explore if they have something that resonates with you.

Posts about Green Daun:


When all else fails, try to look at Amazon. Maybe you can get it at an ‘okay’ price? I find that the majority of the cards I want are already available in Kinokuniya.

I use Amazon just to look at reviews. Usually, it’s important to understand whether the card stock quality is good or not and how people perceive the messages. I also look at the bestsellers to browse through recent bestseller options. 

Other Online Stores

When BookDepository was available, it was also another place you can get some card decks. Unfortunately, they are decommissioned so… 

You can try MPH but the catalog sucks. Shopee and Lazada are filled with a lot of counterfeits, which again, are not the best options. You can also think of getting a set from Carousell but it comes with a lot of uncertainties. 

Individual Artists

Getting a deck from a local independent artist is also a pretty good option. I haven’t met anyone who does that but it’s an interesting thought.

Refer to products like Qun Oracle Card Deck by Inji Darwish

Why Buy Counterfeit?

Some people purchase counterfeit stocks because they are cheaper to obtain. This may be due to reasons such as insufficient funds for items outside of necessities, temporary hobbies, or even because some counterfeits have better card stock quality than the originals.

Personally, I do not judge. I just believe that if you are capable and have stronger purchasing power, you should try supporting original artists and authors as much as you can.

Purchase authentic cards

If you get counterfeits when you have higher purchasing power,
you are doing harm to the communities!

(Creatives, publications, witchcraft, etc)

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