Luna Factory Tarot & Oracle Card Decks in Kinokuniya Malaysia

GYA!~~~~ Out of the blue, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Japanese Tarot & Oracle card decks at the Kinokuniya branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Lo and behold, these were none other than the freshly arrived Luna Factory card decks!

These decks come in the most enchanting box packaging, and I was absolutely itching to delve into their contents one by one via Google. Alas, my schedule was a whirlwind, so I quickly snapped a handful of pictures and dashed home to pen down my excitement.

Regrettably, I can’t do justice to all the splendid artwork from these decks here. However, I can certainly point you in the right direction – head over to the Luna Factory Official Store! There, you can feast your eyes on the official digital art pieces, explore the contents in their full glory, and immerse yourself in all the splendid offerings available on the official site.

Names & Prices

Items from left to right (Online Price//KPC Member Price):

  1. Dreaming Cat Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  2. Dreaming Cat Tarot Pocket Twinkle Edition (Holographic) RM245.18//RM220.66 (Official)
  3. あんずまろん Journey Cat Lenormand RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  4. Fable Hedgehog Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  5. Ideal Soulmate Tarot RM220.66 (Official)
  6. The Cute Rabbit Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  7. Blissful Dolphin Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  8. Luna’s Bear Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  9. Pastel Unicorn Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  10. Japanese Anime Tarot RM220.66 (Official)
  11. Japanese Shinwa Oracle Cards RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  12.  鳥獣戯画オラクルカード Choujuu Giga Oracle RM204.18//RM183.76 (Looks to be discontinued)
  13. The Healing Forest Oracle Card RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official) (Second photo)

Items from left to right (Online Price//KPC Member Price):

  1. Dreaming Cat Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  2. Alice in Luna’s Tarot RM220.66 (Official)
  3. Taisho Roman Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  4. Pastel Wizards Tarot RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)

Items from left to right [updated 8/25/2023]
(Online Price//KPC Member Price):

  1. Luna’s Light and Dark Angel Tarot Set RM401.80//RM361.62 (Official)
  2. The Basic Lenormand Deck RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  3. Bushido Oracle RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)
  4. Angel Universe Oracle RM204.18//RM183.76 (Official)

Other items found from Kinokuniya Online Store
(Online Price//KPC Member Price):

  1. Moku Moku Tarot RM220.58//RM198.52 (Official)

These were the exclusive gems gracing the shelves as of August 19, 2023 (and 25th August, 2023). If by any chance more of these magical decks materialize in the future, rest assured, I’ll be back with another blog post to keep you in the loop! 😊

Disclaimer: Non-paid posting.

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