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Previously, I had no inclination to expand my collection of tarot decks, but everything changed when I laid eyes on her… She is absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t resist getting one! Allow me to introduce my second tarot deck!

Just to provide some context, I decided to purchase it online from Kinokuniya since reserving it at the physical store would take nearly a month for processing! As a result, I canceled my reservation and opted for the online purchase instead. After placing the order, I patiently waited for about a week until it finally arrived. To avail myself of an RM10 rebate voucher, I collected it from the bookstore. And to my surprise, while I was there, I spontaneously ended up purchasing another tarot deck!

Cats Rule The Earth

This 78-card tarot deck and guidebook is cat themed, combining ancient mysticism with feline illustrationsThis tarot deck and guidebook set is ideal for anyone seeking the knowledge and skills needed to learn the ancient art of tarot. Offering a fun clever take on the usual tarot deck, Cats Rule the Earth Tarot creatively reinvents the traditional cards with modern, quirky cat illustrations. 

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot goes deeper than simply presenting the meaning of each card—it equips the reader with a historical understanding of tarot, how to interpret and apply each card drawn and methods of conducting readings for yourself, friends, or family. From welcoming new beginnings with the Ace of Cups to facing a new guiding presence in your life with the Hierophant, each card you draw holds the power to reveal hidden truths and guide you through the unexpected events of daily life.


Price: RM163.45 or RM147.10 Kinokuniya Member Price

Contains: A big box, a big 80-page colored guide, and 78 cards.
Item Type English Books
Publication Date 2022/09
Publisher Abrams Image (US)
ISBN 9781419766060
Size/Pages 80p
Printed and bounded in China

Written by Catherine Davidson
Illustrated by Thiago Corrêa


Pssst: I just went to check out Thiago Corrêa and boy, oh, boy. He’s major talented!

To my surprise, the box and guidebook of this tarot deck turned out to be much larger than I anticipated. I had actually read some comments on Amazon to ensure the card stock quality was satisfactory, and in the process, I must have become too preoccupied and overlooked the size of the box and guidebook.

In comparison to the other Cat Tarot deck, this one is noticeably more refined and inclusive. The messages it conveys are unambiguous and don’t favor either cats or dogs. Moreover, the images themselves are much more inviting and warm.

One aspect I truly desire is for the back of the cards to feature a red color scheme, similar to that of the box. There’s something about the red theme that resonates with me and feels more appealing. Perhaps it’s just my personal preference, but I believe it would enhance the overall aesthetic of the deck.

The cards felt so goooooooooood. The quality of the finishing is commendable, allowing them to glide smoothly and facilitating effortless shuffling. Additionally, despite their size, they are surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle.

In terms of card stock quality, I find that they are better than the Cat Tarot and the Woodland Wardens. However, it’s unfortunate that on the first day of shuffling, some of the cards already showed signs of chipping. It would be great if they could maintain their condition better, enabling you to use them for a longer period. Considering the price point of the deck, one would expect a higher level of durability.

While the overall quality of this set is exceptional, I can’t shake the desire for slightly improved card stock given its price point. Just like the beloved Woodland Wardens deck, I have a deep fondness for these cards. However, the issue of chipping leaves me feeling somewhat disheartened.

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