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Crows, ubiquitous in my neighborhood, bring both nuisance and intrigue to my daily life. Despite their constant cawing and occasional deposits on my car, a strange affinity for these feathered creatures has always lingered. While I haven’t dared to offer them food, I find myself in conversation with them when they perch nearby, and their feathers, when discovered, feel like hidden treasures. Beyond their presence, crows hold a fascinating place in Greek mythology, closely tied to the god Apollo. This connection adds an element of mystique to their role in our lives, marking them as messengers of celestial knowledge and symbols of divine communication.

Understanding this ancient link to Greek gods, we realize that crows are far more than mere nuisances. They embody messengers of wisdom and divine intermediaries. Crows symbolize prophecy, intelligence, and adaptability, and their role as guardians of the spirit realm lends them an air of spirituality. As harbingers of change, their presence often signifies the need to embrace life’s transitions with resilience. These profound aspects make crows worth contemplating and respecting, offering insights into our own lives.

One serendipitous day at Kinokuniya, I stumbled upon the Urban Crow Oracle card deck. Its captivating artwork immediately drew me in. What lay within was a harmonious blend of humor and profound wisdom, cleverly interpreted through the lens of these captivating birds. Each card showcased mesmerizing artwork and provided easily interpretable messages. The deck was a reminder that even the most common, occasionally pesky creatures, like crows, can carry profound insights and messages if we remain open to receiving them. The Urban Crow Oracle invites us to explore the mystical world of crows, showing that magic can be found in the most unexpected places and creatures.

Urban Crow Oracle

A follow up to MJ Cullinane’s best-selling Crow Tarot, this oracle deck offers readers a way to connect and learn from these highly intelligent, captivating birds.

With an ominous croaking call or foreboding flurry of black wings, crows can appear as mystical omens. We barely notice them, perched on tree branches and rooftops, dark sentinels carefully observing our world through intelligent black eyes.

But if you look beyond their “murderous” reputation you will find that crows form deep bonds, mourn at crow “funerals,” play, offer gifts to humans they like, and exact justice by dive-bombing humans who have wronged them-remembering the faces and cars of human friends and foes alike. Their perceptiveness and resourcefulness allow them to flourish in forests, towns, and even cities alongside us.

Each card in this oracle deck offers a message to the reader from the fascinating behavior of these birds, from the sacred space of a nest to the community of a murder of crows, from the gift of a shiny trinket to the curiosity of a city crow peering into a human home.

Crows bond, mourn, understand justice (too well for some), and display a sense of humor at times. In many ways, they are like us. The Urban Crow Oracle offers you a tool to connect and learn from these amazing creatures.

The Urban Crow Oracle draws our focus to our shadow and the emotions that surface during our day. It is with the help of these mystical and ever-so-clever crows that we find clarity and new sources of inspiration.

  • 54 beautifully illustrated cards depicting crow life and behavior
  • Includes a 72 page guidebook

Price: RM144.13 or RM129.72 Kinokuniya Member Price

Item Type: English Books
Publication Date: 2022/08
Publisher: Hay House Inc (US)
ISBN: 9781401969899
Size/Pages: 3.94 x 1.56 x 5.38 inches; 72p
Printed in China 

Interior Design: Nick C. Welch
Interior Illustrations: MJ Cullinane


The card decks, despite their substantial size, posed a unique challenge for my relatively small hands. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I could shuffle them, a testament to the exceptional quality of the cards themselves. Interestingly, the larger dimensions seemed to make it somewhat difficult for me to shuffle forcefully, which, in turn, reduced the risk of cracking the card edges compared to my other, more compact decks.

One noticeable aspect of the Urban Crow Oracle that may divide opinions is its art style. To some, it might appear somewhat artificial, possibly resembling the work of an AI. However, I found that this particular aesthetic didn’t disrupt my experience with the deck. Instead, it seemed to effortlessly harmonize with the overall theme. The art’s ability to blend seamlessly with the cards’ purpose, despite its unconventional style, allowed me to appreciate the deck’s uniqueness and charm on a deeper level.

Within the Urban Crow Oracle card deck, several cards have stood out to me, evoking various emotions and thoughts. Some of these cards have an amusing quality, adding a touch of humor and intrigue to my readings. These include Anticipation (Card 3), Distraction (Card 15), Influence (Card 25), Mischief (Card 31), and Fear (Card 18).

On the flip side, there are cards that radiate positivity and offer a sense of calm and reflection. These include Sacred Space (Card 43), Perspective (Card 35), Commitment (Card 8), Illusion (Card 24), Ghost (Card 20), and Observation (Card 34).

Lastly, there’s one card that stands out for its intensity: Wrath (Card 54): In this card, the chaos of crows flying everywhere conveys a sense of overwhelming anger or intensity. It serves as a stark reminder of the destructive force that strong emotions can have.

These diverse cards, each with their unique symbolism, contribute to the depth and richness of the Urban Crow Oracle deck, making it a versatile tool for introspection and guidance.

For me, collecting a deck of cards like this one is an enjoyable experience. It carries a whimsical theme that cleverly mirrors the behavior of crows, striking a balance between humor and seriousness. Although the accompanying booklet lacks illustrations, the card numbering system proves to be quite useful for quickly locating meanings when needed. It’s worth noting that these cards do not come with reversed meanings, suggesting that they are intended to be read in an upright manner. However, users are granted the flexibility to interpret the cards in reverse if they opt to explore both upright and reversed interpretations during their readings. This adaptability adds depth to the deck’s versatility.

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