Pet Communication Testimony| Korra the Husky Dog

Korra, the spirited 10-month-old young lady, exudes intelligence and confidence, a testament to the nurturing environment provided by her human parents. Our session commenced with a faint connection, swiftly amplified by the arrival of a photo—a moment that revealed Korra’s pride in her appearance, akin to a regal princess, a term her human parents often fondly bestowed upon her. Korra’s vibrant energy manifested through vivid visuals of frolicking across fields and grassy parks, reveling in the sheer joy of being alive, though she occasionally sought the comfort of the sofa.

Midway through our dialogue, a sudden dryness in my mouth prompted a revelation: Korra was thirsty, a fact promptly confirmed by her human parent witnessing her gulping down water. Intriguingly, Korra also conveyed a message through visual imagery of pet shoes, whether as a subtle suggestion to her parent or a playful gesture towards me, given her recent acquisition of new footwear, as confirmed by her human parent.

Korra’s insatiable curiosity drives her quest for excitement, occasionally leading to chaotic antics, such as the rapid destruction of a newly purchased sofa within a mere 24 hours—a consequence of boredom and a disdain for confinement. Her penchant for escapades extends to situations where she feels restricted, a trait underscored by her habit of pointing out other dogs’ perceived “stinkiness,” including an incident involving a pug at a boarding facility, where Korra’s playful banter yielded no reaction, much to her chagrin.

Despite her mischievous escapades, Korra harbors no ill intent, her actions stemming from a genuine desire to explore new avenues of interest. In response to her boundless energy, I suggested the possibility of doggy daycare, an idea that piqued Korra’s interest with promises of socialization and engaging activities alongside new people and canine companions—a prospect her human parent will consider.

As our session drew to a close, Korra’s enthusiasm for playful endeavors remained undimmed, a testament to her vibrant spirit and zest for life. With a promise to continue her adventures, Korra eagerly embarked on her next escapade, leaving behind a trail of joyful energy in her wake.

My client’s words:

Snippet of our conversation:

I aim to keep my sessions casual, open, and welcoming to foster a laid-back atmosphere during our time together. As evidenced by the excerpt from our conversation provided below:

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I have obtained approval from my client to share segments of their testimony and to utilize the provided photographs in recounting their narrative. Rest assured, their confidentiality and privacy will be diligently safeguarded throughout this process. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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