Pet Communicator Testimony| Sausage the Dachshund Dog

I recently had the privilege of conducting my very first pet communication session for a beloved senior Dachshund named Sausage Y. Lap Cheong. At 13 years old, Sausage had been a cherished companion to her owner since he was just 15, earning the title of his “ride or die.” The depth of their bond spoke volumes about the years they’d spent together. Initially belonging to my client’s uncle, Sausage found her forever home with my client over time.

During the session, several details emerged that deeply resonated with my client. They shared a sibling-like relationship, with Sausage affectionately referring to him as “gor gor” (brother in Cantonese). At the time of our communication, Sausage was found resting near the altar and staircase, exuding an aura reminiscent of an old Asian grandmother with short, curly hair.

My client’s inquiries were simple yet profound: Was Sausage happy? Why did she seem anxious when he left the house? Was she being fed well? And what brought her the most joy? Sausage’s responses conveyed contentment and affection, albeit with a touch of maternal nagging. She expressed her happiness unequivocally, akin to an Asian mother reassuring her child. Moreover, she revealed her love for sitting on the sofa, resting her head on someone’s thighs, and feeling secure and protected, especially when being carried on the shoulder, a detail that surprised my client because that is one detail that he does often but had never told me about. This revelation deepened the connection between my client and Sausage, highlighting the unspoken understanding between them and affirming the value of our communication session.

As for her anxiety upon his departure, Sausage conveyed a motherly concern for her “child’s” safety and well-being, mirroring her owner’s worries and ensuring he eats well. Intriguingly, I sensed a strong emphasis on my client’s knee, prompting Sausage to urge him to address any issues with it. Confirming my intuition, my client revealed his knee injury and ongoing recovery.

The resemblance between Sausage’s communication style and that of my client’s grandmother struck a chord, evoking memories of an elderly woman with a bad back and a nurturing demeanour. Sausage’s reassurance that she would stay a while longer, coupled with her approval of a new pet, reflected her selfless devotion to her owner’s happiness.

In the days following the session, my client remarked on the remarkable improvement in his relationship with Sausage. The insights gained not only deepened their bond but also fostered a newfound understanding between them. Sausage’s warmth and wisdom left an indelible mark on my journey as a pet communicator, setting the stage for future encounters with equally remarkable companions.

My client’s words:

Snippet of our conversation:

I aim to keep my sessions casual, open, and welcoming to foster a laid-back atmosphere during our time together. As evidenced by the excerpt from our conversation provided below:

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I have obtained approval from my client to share segments of their testimony and to utilize the provided photographs in recounting their narrative. Rest assured, their confidentiality and privacy will be diligently safeguarded throughout this process. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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