Pet Communication Testimony| Cody the Black Terrier Dog

Meeting Cody, the cherished 6-year-old pet of my second client, was a delightful experience. As the first family pet, Cody exuded youthful energy and a precious spirit, cohabiting with three other feline companions. From the moment we connected, Cody’s curiosity was palpable, his head twisting with interest, mirroring my own fascination with him. He radiated a boundless enthusiasm for affection, immediately conveying his excitement through vivid visuals of licking my face and a palpable sense of joy at my presence, as if he found the communication process itself intriguing.

In the midst of confirming details, Cody wasted no time in sharing his desires. He expressed dissatisfaction with the taste of the water in his metal bowl, describing it as “icky and mossy,” and eagerly requested a change. Moreover, he eagerly anticipated the prospect of more food and snacks, revealing a discerning palate that wasn’t particularly enamored with triangle kibbles. Upon querying about Cody’s preferences, a vision emerged of cucumbers and cooked minced meat, prepared by the client’s mother—a detail that resonated with the client’s confirmation, matching the blurry figure of a lady with short hair and a casual attire.

Cody had also expressed to me about his feelings of loneliness in the client’s absence, elucidating his habit of guarding his possessions with a poignant explanation: the fear of losing them, akin to the client’s departure from the family home. Ultimately, his longing for the client’s presence was palpable, prompting her to seek reassurance for him. While I could offer reassurance, it was evident that Cody found solace in the client’s own gestures, visualizing the familiar sensation of a human hand cupping his cheek—a gesture the client confirmed to be her own. Together, we assured Cody of the client’s imminent return, depicted through the metaphor of “three dark skies,” visualizing the symbolism of the passage of time until their reunion.

Regarding his relationship with the client’s other pets, Cody maintained a polite demeanor, considering them as guests in his domain—a reflection of the manners he observed from the client’s mother in similar situations. This behavior was affirmed by the client, highlighting Cody’s respectful attitude towards his fellow companions, but different when he is with other pets. When prompted to choose where he wished to reside, Cody hesitated, torn between his love for the client and a perceived duty to support the client’s mother in her potential need for companionship. Ultimately, he selflessly expressed willingness to stay behind and be a source of comfort and support.

As our session drew to a close, Cody’s longing for the client’s presence became apparent. Despite his appreciation for our connection, his heart yearned for her physical presence above all else. With the client’s heartfelt promise to visit and spend ample time with him, Cody eagerly awaited her return, his loyalty and affection shining brightly in the bond they shared.

My client’s words:

Snippet of our conversation:

I aim to keep my sessions casual, open, and welcoming to foster a laid-back atmosphere during our time together. As evidenced by the excerpt from our conversation provided below:

Disclaimer: Please be advised that I have obtained approval from my client to share segments of their testimony and to utilize the provided photographs in recounting their narrative. Rest assured, their confidentiality and privacy will be diligently safeguarded throughout this process. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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