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I am delighted to introduce my first oracle deck that I found in Kinokuniya, which belongs to a captivating and visually appealing set. This mesmerizing collection captures the whimsical essence of cottage core, while also incorporating elements of witchcraft. Each card presents a delightful fusion of animals and plants, intricately woven together to create a tapestry of harmony and interconnectedness. Immerse yourself in the captivating imagery, and you will be transported to a realm where nature, mysticism, and guidance converge flawlessly. This truly enchanting experience embraces the cozy and rustic allure of heartwarmingness, while simultaneously embracing the mystical fascination of witchcraft.

Woodland Wardens

Woodland Wardens: A 52-Card Oracle Deck & Guidebook by Jessica Roux, published by Andrews McMeel. Published April 5, 2022.

From the author of Floriography comes a gorgeously illustrated oracle deck and guidebook inspired by the magic of woodland flora and fauna. Drawing on mythology, folklore, and literature, each card in the Woodland Wardens deck features an animal-plant pairing accompanied by a distinct and thoughtful message: the hare and the oak; the finch and the peach; the hawk and the thistle. Each unique combination, brought to life in artist Jessica Roux’s detailed, historically evocative style, transports seekers to another time and place, offering insight, guidance, and an invitation to reflect on the natural world.

Price: RM93.95 or RM84.55 Kinokuniya Member Price

Contains: Compact box, 52 full-color cards, and Illustrated guidebook
Item Type: English Books
Publication Date: 2022/05
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (US)
ISBN: 9781524871345
Size/Pages: 52p
Printed in China

Editor: Melissa R. Zahorsky
Art Director/Designer: Diane Marsh
Production Editor: Jasmine Lim
Production Manager: Cliff Koehler


Using this deck brings me immense comfort. Whenever I seek a gentle and kind message, it never fails to deliver. The captivating illustrations align perfectly with my personal preferences, and each card unveils a delightful surprise that warms my heart.

I have come to believe that my chosen deity holds a special fondness for this deck. Whenever I read for my friends, the accuracy and uplifting messages it provides are truly remarkable. Even without disclosing specific details about their questions, my friends are pleasantly surprised and find deep resonance with the cards.

Woodland Wardens introduces us to a captivating array of rarely-seen animals, such as the Finch (Romance), the Caiman (Dreams), the Marten (Mischief), and many others. The incorporation of plants alongside these animals serves to deepen the correlation between their symbolism and the divine messages they convey. With a total of 52 cards, each featuring a unique pairing of an animal and a plant, the deck offers a rich tapestry of wisdom and guidance.

However, one significant drawback is the card stock, which unfortunately chips too easily during the initial shuffling. These noticeable imperfections detract from the overall user experience, which is a shame considering my genuine adoration for the entire set and its representation. I would gladly pay a premium for a sturdier card deck that would stand the test of time.

In conclusion, while I hold great affection for the Woodland Wardens deck and its evocative portrayal, I urge the creators to address and rectify the issue with the card stock. Investing in a higher quality material would undoubtedly enhance the longevity and enjoyment of this truly exceptional oracle deck.

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