I Attended A Pet Communication Course

For years, I’ve cherished the conviction that our furry companions don’t merely share our homes as pets but serve as profound educators, enriching our lives with invaluable lessons and a sense of purpose. Driven by a desire to deepen my bond with my pets, I embarked on a journey to explore courses aimed at honing my intuitive faculties and unlocking a deeper level of communication with my beloved four-legged companions.

In Malaysia, a handful of institutions offer such courses, and I chose to enroll in a two-day program priced at RM1080, spanning from 10 am to 6 pm with many short intervals for breaks. Conducted in Mandarin, each session accommodated approximately 16 students.

While the instructor predominantly shared personal anecdotes and opinions, she briefly touched upon foundational concepts, encompassing topics readily available online:

  • The Phylogenetic (Evolutionary) Tree
  • Chakra and Chakra Points in Humans and Animals
  • Aura and Energy Fields
  • Freud’s Iceberg Model
  • Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness
  • “Onion” Theory
  • “The Hidden Messages in Water”

Additionally, the course included guided meditation sessions conducted in Mandarin, presenting a linguistic challenge for those accustomed to English instruction. Practical activities ranged from attempting to tune into classmates’ pets’ thoughts (both normal and with behavioral issues) to reading the aura of objects through images and engaging in other interactive exercises.

For novices stepping into the fascinating realm of pet communication, the RM1080 course holds promise as a comprehensive journey, offering lectures and a syllabus that cover all essential aspects. It serves as a one-stop destination, providing foundational knowledge and practical insights necessary to kickstart their exploration into animal communication. In this regard, the investment could be deemed worthwhile, offering a structured and guided approach to understanding and fostering connections with our furry companions.

However, for individuals like myself with prior exposure to similar materials, the course fell short of expectations. I had anticipated more in terms of techniques and strategies to deepen our connections with our pets. According to the instructor, we all possess inherent communication abilities with animals, yet many struggle to tap into or amplify these innate skills.

Despite these shortcomings, I found some value in the course, affirming and refining my existing abilities. Furthermore, practical exercises offered a glimpse into real-world application, igniting excitement for future sessions. Moreover, completion of the course grants participants a certificate, qualifying them as proficient pet communicators eligible to offer services to the public upon fulfilling all requirements, including attending a final exam.


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